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    VBACCESS 自动 系统 源代码
    第一大题 选择题(1) Who told you about the result of the exam?— The teacher in ______ .A.connection B.turn C.prblic D.charge(2) their country has plenty of oil, ______ ours has ______ .A.when;much B.while;none C.and;nothing D.but;much(3) You can't avoid passing in front of someone who is looking at a painting on a wall. You say,“__________”.A.Let me go B.I want to go there C.Excuse me D.I'm sorry(4) .You must have waited here for a long time, _____ you?A.mustn't B.didn'tC.haven't D.hadn't(5) There fell a heavy snow last December, and this year ____ a good harvest.A.proves B.means C.allows D.promises(6) Let Harry play with your toys as well , Clare you must learn to __________.A.Support B.Care C.Spare D.Share(7) Who has taken my pen away?_________. He was here a moment ago.A.It must be Li PingB.It is Li Ping takeC.Li Ping isD.Li Ping must take(8) You've left the light on.Oh , so J have .________and turn it off.A.I'll goB.I've goneC.I goD.I'm going(9) .______ is quite natural, a beginner can't read the books written in English very quickly.A.Which B.As C.What D.It(10) It is impossible for ______ little child to do _____ many things.A.so, such B.so, so C.such a, so D.such, such(11) You've left the light on.Oh , so J have .________and turn it off.A.I'll goB.I've goneC.I goD.I'm going(12) It is impossible for ______ little child to do _____ many things.A.so, such B.so, so C.such a, so D.such, such(13) .______ is quite natural, a beginner can't read the books written in English very quickly.A.Which B.As C.What D.It(14) You've left the light on.Oh , so J have .________and turn it off.A.I'll goB.I've goneC.I goD.I'm going(15) We had ________ wonderful time ______ the party ______other day. A.a, on, the B./, at, onC.a, at, the D./, on, /(16) Do you regret paying 500 dollars for your necklace?No, I would gladly pay _____ for it.A.two times as much B.twice as many C.twice as much D.as twice as much(17) ._______to take this adventure course will certainly learn a lot of useful skills.A.Brave enough students B.Enough brave studentsC.Students brave enough D.Students enough brave(18) We had ________ wonderful time ______ the party ______other day. A.a, on, the B./, at, onC.a, at, the D./, on, /(19) .________ the teacher come in, the boy's face turned red. A.Seeing B.Having seenC.Seen D.When he saw(20) We had ________ wonderful time ______ the party ______other day. A.a, on, the B./, at, onC.a, at, the D./, on, /第二大题 完型填空Bad news,kind response(反应)Dear editor:One day last month after I received my salary,I went shopping with my little son. 1 in the crowded store, I had my 2 stolen,And my whole salary was 3 with it.I was so angry that I almost lost 4 of myself.What 5 I do? We were not very rich. The money was really not a 6 sum 7 my family, It would affect our life greatly.How could I tell my wife?I felt very sad and even 8 for losing the money when I got back home. To make 9 for my 10 mistake, I 11 all my strength to give our house a 12 cleaning and then prepared a wonderful meal and cooked a special dish my wife loved to please her.When she came home.I 13 a smile to 14 her.She was surprised to see neat house and delicious meal.We sat 15 the table and began to eat. I told her my story 16 .She did not 17 .It was as if she had not he-ard ny words.“I've lost my salary.” I murmrued(嘟哝) to her again.“I 18 .” She did not shout at me as I had expected.She did not lo-se her 19 . 20 I was afraid she was trying hard to 21 her anger.A moment later,my wife was still silent and seemed to be 22 her fav-ourite dish. At last I could not help 23 “I've lost the money. Why not shout at me?”She raised her eyes,looking at me and 24 ,“Oh,on the comtrary,I'm thinking about 25 to comfort you.It's the thief who is to blame.”1. A.Fortunately B.Unfortunately C.However D.Surprisingly2. A.little son B.salary C.wallet D.house3 A.missing B.away C.lost D.gone4. A.control B.temper C.inerest D.patience5. A.should B.might C.would D.could 6. A.large B.little C.small D.tiny7. A.to B.for C.with D.against8. A.worried B.upset C.guilty D.ashamed9. A.up B.into C.clear D.sure10. A.unforgivable B.forgivable C.ftupid D.unexpected11. A.collected B.gathered C.carried D.encouraged12. A.complete B.whole C.full D.thorough13. A.made B.pretended C.forced D.gave14. A.meet B.receive C.greet D.accept15. A.by B.at C.on D.near16. A.nervously B.gladly C.worriedly D.calmly17. A.answer B.nod C.hear D.respond18. A.listen B.comfort C.think D.see19. A.way B.temper C.interest D.control20. A.And B.But C.So D.Or21. A.hide B.exprese C.take D.show22. A.having B.enjoying C.using D.preparing23. A.thinking B.saying C.asking D.shouting24 A.said B.saying C.say D.to say25. A.what B.whether C.why D.how第三大题 阅读理解The easy way out isn't always easiest . I learned that lesson when I decided to treat Doug , my husband of one month , to a special meal . I glanced through my cookbook and chose a menu which included homemade break . Knowing the bread would take time , I started on it as soon as Doug left for work . As I was not experienced in cooking , I thought if a dozen was good , two dozen would be better , so I doubled everything . As Dong loved oranges , I also opened a can of orange and poured it all into the bowl . Soon there was a sticky dough(面团)covered with ugly yellowish marks . Realizing I had been defeated , I put the dough in the rubbish bin outside so I wouldn't have to face Doug laughing at my work , I went on preparing the rest of the meal , and , when Doug got home , we sat down to Cornish chicken with rice . He tried to enjoy the meal but seemed disturbed . Twice he got up and went outside , saying he thought he heard a noise . The third time he left , I went to the windows to see what he was doing . Looking out , I saw Doug standing about three feet from the rubbish bin , holding the lid up with a stick and looking into the container . When I came out of the house , he dropped the stick and explained that there was something alive in out rubbish bin . Picking up the stick again , he held the lid up enough for me to see . I felt cold . But I stepped closer and looked harder . Without doubt it was my work . The hot sun had caused the dough to double in size and the fermenting yeast (酵母)made the surface shake and sigh as though it were breathing . I had to admit what the 'living thing 'was and why it was there . I don't know who was more embarrassed(尴尬)by the whole thing Doug or me. 1.The writer's purpose in writing this story is ___________A.To tell an interesting experienceB.To show the easiest way out of a difficultyC.To describe the trouble facing a newly married womanD.To explain the difficulty of learning to cook from books 2.Why did the woman's attempt at making the bread turn out to be unsuccessful?A.The canned orange had gone bad.B.She didn't use the right kind of flour.C.The cookbook was hard to understand.D.She did not follow the directions closely. 3.Why did the woman put the dough in the rubbish bin?A.She didn't see the use of keeping it B.She meant to joke with her husband.C.She didn't want her husband to see it .D.She hoped it would soon dry in the son. 4.What made the dough in the rubbish bin?A.The rising and falling movement.B.The strange-looking marks.C.Its shape.D.Its size. 5.When Doug went out the third time , the woman looked out of the window because she was ______________.A.Surprised at his being interested in the binB.Afraid that he would discover her secretC.Unhappy that he didn't enjoy the mealD.Curious to know what disturbed himA seior United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF) official on May 29 prais-ed China for its remarkable achievements in children's welfare(福利).A.H.M.Farook,UNICEF's operations area officer for China and Mongolia sa-id that China“can be very satisfied to tell the whole world what can be do-ne with limited resources to help its children to grow healthily and happil-y.”China's child population makes up one-fifth of the world's total.“The reason behind the tremendous(巨大的) achievement is China's long tradition of caring for children both at home and in society,”he said.“What's more is that Chinese people have always given special attention to children who are in special need.”The UN official made the remarks when addressing a group of 50 children and staff from the Beijing Children's Welfare Home at the Shangri-la Hotel, Beijing.The hotel invited the orphans to shar`e snacks(小吃),sing,dance and play games at a park inside the hotel for a “Share the Sunshine”party,as a pre-lude(前奏 ) to celebrations to mark the Children's Day.The Beijing children's Welfare Home,set up soon after New China was for-nded in 1949, has at present more than 400 children.A leading official of the welfare institution said that the children li-ve a happy life and that the agency(机构) spends 400—500 yuan a month for an average orphan.An average Chinese workers earned 440 yuan a month during the first quarter this year.Gu Xiaojin,deputy secretary-general of the China Youth Development Foun-dation(CYDF),said people from all walks of life have contributed to the wel-fare of the Chinese children.She said that CYDF set up the Project Hope in 1989,which calls on people across the country to donate money to help poor children to continue their schooling.By the end of last year,she said,CYDF had collected nearly 700 million yuan in donations,which has helped the establishment(建立) of 2,074 Hope pr-imary schools and enabled more than 1.25 million dropouts to returh to scho-ol classrooms.Three “Hope Stars”also attended the paarty.They were model teenagers chosen among students who are economically supported by the Project Hope to further their nine-year compulsory(义务) studies in the poverty-stricken re-gions.They will be torchbearers(火炬接力者) for the Chinese Team for the up coming Atlanta Olympic Games this year.1.Children can grow healthily and happily as long as _________ .A.parents take good care of them both at home and in society.B.the whole society care for chiedren as well as their parents.C.Schools and teachers pay much attention to the growth of children.D.Chinese people always give special attention to children who are in speical need.2.Every year the Beijing Children's Welfare Home spends ____ on the orphansA.1,920,000 yuan B.2,160,000 yuanC.Over 2,400,000 yuan D.2,200,000 yuan or so3.CYDF collected 700 million yuan with the purpose of _____ .A.reducing dropouts B.helping homeless orphansC.supporting the Chinese Team for the coming Atlanta Olympic GamesD.establishing 2,074 Hope primary schools all over the country4We can infer from the text that ______ .A.Every Chinese child has its own special need,so we should pay special attention to each.B.All the children in the poverty-stricken regions of China are too poor to go to school.C.Ever since liberation.the Chinese Communisl Party has been concerned (关心 ) about the growth of the younger generation.D.With the help of UNICEF officials,there are no more dropouts in China.5.It is possible that this passage was written in ______ .A.1992 B.1996 C.1998 D.2000第四大题 短文改错One morning Mrs Jenkins went to department store 1._______to buy a coat. There was not shop assistant in the store 2._______before she got there.She had to wait.Then a fat lady 3._______came in. She went to Mrs Jenkins and asked her to serve 4._______for her.She told Mrs Jenkins that she wanted to buy 5._______a coat. Mrs Jenkins said that she couldn't do 6._______The fat lady got angrily. She didn't let Mrs Jektins 7._______explain anything but insisted that Mrs Jenkins 8._______would do that right away because it was her job. 9______At last Mrs Jankins has to tell her that she was 10._______a customer herself and wanted to buy a coat, too .第五大题 书面表达根据提示用英语写出一段 100-120 词的短文。该短文必须包含下列三个方面。1. 李铭平时很关心他人。2. 他买福利彩票中了奖。(win a prize in a lottery)3. 他父母准备……,他打算……



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